Presentation of Sorbonne Nouvelle University

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Sorbonne Nouvelle University is a forty-year-old university, created just after the protest period of 1968 in the wake of the development of new social sciences and humanities. Situated in the heart of the Quartier Latin, it welcomes each year more than 17 000 students, including 5000 foreign students. It offers a large range of courses in four domains – Languages, Literature, Arts, Human and Social Sciences – that correspond to undergraduate/postgraduate programs and three main diplomas – Bachelor, Master and PhD. Quality courses enhance career projects in research, teaching, publishing, librarianship, theater, cinema, media callings, communication and journalism, cultural mediation, translation, European and international positions. With 670 researchers and professors, 650 administrative employees and librarians, Sorbonne Nouvelle University is one of the leading centers for innovative research and higher education in France.

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