Submission guidelines

for coming to Crossroads 2012!


  • A session lasts 90 minutes. Its optimal format is made of 3 paper presentations. Each participant provides a 20 minute presentation followed by discussion with Q & A. Other session formats might also be arranged if necessary.
  • Participants can be part of several sessions.

Session Organization

  • Session Organizers are asked to arrange a full session with a chair, 2 to 3 paper presenters and a discussant if desired. Partly filled session proposals (with a minimum of 2 paper presenters) are also welcome.
  • To facilitate discussion during the session, Session Organizers may encourage the exchange of papers among participants before the conference.
  • For sessions attracting more than 4 paper presentations, Session Organizers must ask the National Advisory Committee to arrange additional sessions for the topic; or send the extra papers to the Committee to be included in other sessions. 

Acceptance of Sessions and Papers

  • Session Organizers choose the papers to be included in their sessions. Priority should be given to papers with original empirical or theoretical perspective, and that have not been previously presented at other meetings.
  • Papers are chosen on the basis of abstracts (100-150 words). However, Session Organizers may ask for a full copy of the paper to prepare the session. 
  • To facilitate conference arrangements, session proposals and papers chosen by the Session Organizers must then be submitted to the National Advisory Committee for acceptance to the conference program. Session and paper proposals will not be included in the conference program without being formally accepted by the Committee.
  • All Session Organizers and participants (i.e. chairs, presenters, discussants) must be registered for the conference. A session or paper is considered as “proposed” as long as its participants have not completed registration. In case of cancellation or absence of registration, the National Advisory Committee is allowed to reorganize the session with other registered participants. The status of “proposed” sessions or papers will be updated to “confirmed” once registration is completed.
  • In case of multiple-authored papers, all the authors must register for the conference. Otherwise, the paper will be dropped from the conference program.
  • Proposed sessions/papers will be removed from the conference program book and website if none of the participants has registered by the end of May, 2012.
  • If, for any reason, a Session Organizer is unable to follow through on organizing a session, he/she should contact the National Advisory Committee immediately. 

Submission of Session Proposals

  • Session Organizers should submit session proposals written in English to the Committee with the following information:
    • a session title,
    • a session abstract of 150 words maximum,
    • the list of the chosen participants including chair, presenters and discussants (if applicable), their email addresses, and the names of the institutions that they are associated with,
    • the related paper abstracts.
  • The Committee will issue a conditional acceptance of the proposed session and the related papers to the participants by email. The session and the related papers will appear as “proposed” on the conference website with an assigned timeslot.
  • Upon completion of registration, the Committee will issue a formal acceptance letter to the participants concerned and update the status of the session and the related paper(s) as “confirmed” on the conference website.

Submission of Individual Paper Proposals

  • Individuals may submit paper proposals responding to a particular session or as independent papers.
  • All individual paper proposals must be written in English and submitted to the Committee with the following information:
    • the title of the specific session, if applicable,
    • the name of author,
    • an email address,
    • the name of associated institution,
    • a paper abstract (150 words maximum).
  • The National Advisory Committee will forward the submitted paper proposals to the specified Session Organizers for consideration. 
  • For paper proposals with no session specified, the Committee will suggest them to relevant session organizers or organize them into sessions and appoint suitable individuals as chair.
  • The Committee will issue a conditional acceptance to the authors concerned once their paper proposal has been chosen by a Session Organizer, and request them to register for the conference as soon as possible.
  • Once conference registration is complete, the Committee will issue a formal acceptance letter to the participants and update the status of the paper as “confirmed” on the conference website.