Topic Suggestions

for coming to Crossroads 2012!

The conference is open to all topics related to Cultural Studies.  Here are some suggested topics for paper presenters as food for thought: 

  • Multiculturalism and Europe
  • Democratization and New Media
  • Arab and Muslim Revolutions
  • Postcolonial Africa
  • Green Studies / Environmental Justice
  • Transmedia and Convergence Culture
  • The Tourist Gaze and Catastrophes
  • Regional/Local Identities and Languages
  • The Postnational Era
  • Economics, Crisis and Culture
  • Food, Tastes and Identities
  • Sexualities and Nationalisms
  • Gender, Parenthood and Relationships
  • Transgender Perspectives
  • Religion, Beliefs and Cultural Theory
  • Politics of Affects
  • Animal Studies and Posthumanity
  • Disability Studies
  • Fashion and Media