Jeremy Gilbert

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Jeremy Gilbert is Reader in Cultural Studies at the University of London, where he is co-director of the Centre for Cultural Studies Research. He is also editor of the leading cultural theory journal, new formations. He has been active in various forms of radical politics for many years, is a prolific political and cultural commentator, has written widely on political and cultural theory, and also remains active as a promoter and DJ on the East London dance scene. His first book (co-authored with producer Ewan Pearson), Discographies: Dance Music Culture and the Politics of Sound (1999) is still widely cited, and his more recent work – most notably his 2008 book, Anticapitalism and Culture: Radical Theory and Popular Politics – has been concerned with interrogating the possible and actual relationships between cultural theory, cultural studies, continental philosophy and actual political projects. His current research focuses on theories and experiences of collectivity, and he has recently been involved with translating Maurizio Lazzarato’s Expérimentations Politiques.



  • 2008, Anticapitalism and Culture: Popular Politics and Radical Theory, Berg.
  • co-authored with Ewan Pearson,1999, Discographies: Dance Music, Culture, and the Politics of Sound, Routledge.
  • with Timothy Bewes (eds.),2000, Cultural Capitalism: Politics after New Labour, Lawrence & Wishart.

Selected Journal Articles

  • 2010, “Deleuzian Politics? A Survey and Some Suggestions”, New Formations, n°68, pp. 10-33.
  • Autumn 2008, “After 68: Narratives of the New Capitalism”, New Formations, pp. 34-53.
  • September 2008, “Against the Commodification of Everything: Anti-Consumerist Cultural Studies in the Age of Ecological Crisis”, Cultural Studies, Vol. 5, n°2, pp. 551-566.
  • Spring 2007, “The Complexity of the Social”, Soundings35, pp. 41-53.
  • January 2007, “Public Secrets: ‘Being-With’ In an Era of Perpetual Disclosure”, Cultural Studies, Vol. 21, no1, pp. 22-41.
  • Summer 2006, “Dyer and Deleuze: Post-Structuralist Cultural Criticism”, New Formations, n°58, pp. 99-100.
  • May 2005, “The Forum and the Market: The Complexity of the Social and the Struggle for Democracy”, Ephemera: Critical dialogues on Organization, Vol. 5, n°3.
  • 2004, “Signifying Nothing: 'Culture', 'Discourse' and the Sociality of Affect”, Culture Machine , n°6.