Walter Mignolo

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Walter D. Mignolo (William H. Wannamaker Professor of Literature and Romance Studies, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Spanish & Latin American Studies) is the Director of the Center for Global Studies and the Humanities. In 2001, he was the Brackenridge Distinguished Visiting Professor, Department of English at the University of Texas San Antonio; an Erasmus Mundus Fellow at the Institute of Europhilosophy, University of Louvain-la-Neuve, and Denkplatz Distinguished Professor at the Institute of Postcolonial and Transcultural Studies (INPUTS), the University of Bremen, Germany. In 2010 he was appointed International Board Member for the six-year project “Time, Memory and Representation”,Södertörn University, Sweden ( He also serves on the Advisory Board of The Hong Kong Advanced Institute for Cross Disciplinary Studies (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences), at the City University of Hong-Kong, China. In October, 2010, he lectured at the Bruno Kreisky Foundation in Vienna and he delivered the Annual Norbert Lerner's Lecture Series at the Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. Additionally, he was the 2010-11 Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies at Warwick University, Department of Sociology, England). He was also co-curator of the exhibit “Esteticas descoloniales” which opened in Bogota, Colombia, on November 10, 2010. And co-curator of a follow up, “Decolonial Aesthetics”, at Duke University (Center for Global Studies and the Humanities), that opened in May of 2010.


Among his major and recent publications:

  • 2011, The Darker Side of Western Modernity: Global Futures, Decolonial Options, Duke University Press.
  • 2010, Desobediencia epistémica: rhetórica de la modernidad, logica de la colonialidad y gramática de la descolonialidad, Del Signo. Translated into French and German.
  • 2005,The Idea of Latin America, Blackwell Publishing. Translated into Spanish and Korean;
  • 2000, Local Histories/Global Designs: Coloniality, Subaltern Knowledges and Border Thinking, Princeton. Translated into Spanish (Madrid), Portuguese (Minas Girais, Brazil, 2003), and Korean (Pousan);
  • 1995, The Darker Side of the Renaissance: Literacy, Territoriality and Colonization, Michigan University Press, 2nd edition, 2005 (being translated into Spanish and Chinese).

Among his recent and major publications as editor:

  • co-edited with Margaret Greer and Maureen Quilligan (eds.), 2008, Rereading the Black Legend. Discourse of Race and Religion in the Renaissance Empires, The University of Chicago Press.
  • with Arturo Escobar, 2009, Globalization and the Decolonial Option, Routledge.
  • with  Heriberto Cairo, 2008, Las vertientes americanas del pensamiento y el proyecto des-colonial, Trama Editorial.
  • with Elizabeth Hill Boone, 1994, Writing Without Words: Alternative Literacies in Mesoamérica and the Andes, Duke University Press.

Among recent co-edited journal special issues:

  • with Caroline Levander, 2011, The Global South and World (Dis) Order, Global South Journal, Indiana University Press.
  • with Madina Tlostanova, 2006, Double Critique. Knowledges and Scholar at Risk in Post-Soviet Societies. South Atlantic Quarterly, Duke University Press.