Plenary Sessions

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Opening Keynote
Sara AHMED :  A Willfulness Archive
Plenary # 1
Jeremy GILBERT: Culture and Cultural Studies in a Post-Democratic Age
Jacques RANCIÈRE: Cultural Studies and the Method of Equality
Plenary # 2
Marie-Hélène BOURCIEROccupy MultiLiberalism : Micropolitics in a Post-Political Era
Bobby NOBLE: Beyond Bodies / After Borders?: On the Unruliness of Trans Citizenship in the TransHomoNormative
Plenary # 3
Françoise VERGÈS: "No Testament Precedes Our Heritage", René Char. 
Politics of Disposability and Forms of Resistance
Paul F. BANDIA: Postcoloniality and the Dynamics of Class and Power. Discourses of Resistance within the Postcolony
Plenary # 4
John ERNI: The Imagined Force of Law
Phaedra PEZZULLO: Before the Cradle and After the Grave: When Toxic Bodies Become Ordinary
Closing Keynote
Walter MIGNOLO: Spirit Returns to the East: The Racial Distribution of Capital and Knowledge